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How to use a campaign report template?
How to use a campaign report template?

Learn how to use a report template to create your reports with just one click!

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In a Project campaign report, you have the option to import the template from one of your previous campaigns by clicking on "Templates" in your campaign menu.

The selected template will consist of the same widgets used in that previous campaign, allowing you to maintain the same structure for all your reports.

During your first campaign, you will spend a bit more time choosing the structure of your reports, and you will save time on next reports by using a template.

Here's an example of a commonly used structure:

  • Report Header

  • Customizable Cards in which you provide context, objectives, and the approach

  • Influencer Gallery for showcasing the influencers who participated in the project

  • Campaign Audience to compare the influencers' audience with your target audience

  • Campaign Statistics to highlight the overall results

  • Influencer-Specific Campaign Statistics to compare influencers with each other

  • Publication Gallery for an overview of all posts and their statistics

  • Signature and Thank You section to introduce the team

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