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How do I set up my first micro-influencer campaign?
How do I set up my first micro-influencer campaign?
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Go to the "Campaign" section > "New Campaign" > "Micro-Influencer Campaign"

To get started:

As influencers are becoming more professional, we recommend addressing them formally throughout the entire brief.


Your title should be:

  • simple

  • catchy

  • highlight your brand

  • summarize the campaign's purpose

  • enhanced with the inclusion of an emoji


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💡 Our tip: Add an emoji to your title to make your campaign more easily recognizable


This is a mini-pitch to introduce your brand and products or services to the influencers.

The description should be:

  • concise (maximum 20 lines)

  • clear

  • precise

  • attractive

What it should include:

  • a brand description

  • the campaign's context (objectives)

  • what you are looking for and what is expected from the influencers

💡 Our tip: Use formatting tools for the description (fonts, text format) to enhance it


If there is a product shipment involved, you should allow for 3 to 4 weeks after the launch of your campaign.

This time frame includes:

  • the validation of your campaign and its optimization by a project manager (within 48 hours)

  • the visibility of the campaign to the influencers

  • the shipment of the products

  • product testing

  • the creation and posting of content

💡 Our tip: If you decide to create a campaign with a distant deadline, consider accepting or declining influencers as you go along so they are not stuck in their applications and do not lose their motivation


Select the shipping method that suits you among the 3 options provided:

  1. Do not send anything

    Choosing this option indicates that the context of your campaign does not require a giveaway or that the campaign is paid (for example: promoting a mobile app).

    If the goal of your campaign is to showcase a product, sending products is necessary.

  2. Send a product

    Providing the price of your product is optional but recommended to make the giveaway more attractive to influencers.

    You have several options for sending:

    • Sending a single type of package, where all influencers will receive the same product(s) (either one product or one set of multiple products).

    • Choosing one product or one set from several options (influencers will then have the choice of which set or product they want to receive).

  3. Send a voucher

    Vouchers are codes created by you that allow influencers to purchase your product through your website. You should add your voucher list directly on the platform, which will automatically assign a voucher to each influencer you validate for the campaign. The first voucher will be sent to the first influencer you validate, the second to the second, and so on. You should list one voucher per line, separating them with a line break. Example: 50 influencers = 50 vouchers = 50 lines with 1 voucher per line.

⚠️ Attention:

The voucher is solely for influencers to purchase your product or service. The voucher should be distinguished from any promotional code that may be intended for the influencer's followers.


You can request various mechanics from influencers depending on the goals of your campaign:

  • Simply presenting your product or service.

  • Promoting a contest that you have launched.

  • Giving away your products to their community.

  • Participating in an event.

  • Creating content based on your requests (e.g., creating a lookbook, performing an action related to your advertising campaign, sharing a promo code).

  • Filming activities with their followers where your brand is featured.

💡 Need inspiration? Ask us to receive our book: "The Secrets of Influencer Marketing: 87 Campaign Ideas" Or request ideas from Buddy!

🧑🏻‍⚖️ Mandatory Legal Notices

Certain legal notices will be automatically included by default in the brief. These notices cannot under any circumstances be removed or left out.

Influence4You collaborates closely with the ARPP, the professional advertising regulatory authority.

⚠️ Attention:

When creating your campaign, a default brief is pre-filled to assist you, but this default brief is not sufficient. You need to adapt it by filling in information specific to your brand, such as a specific @ or #, and align it with the mechanics chosen for your campaign. The "to be completed" information should be filled in by you.

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