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On what criteria can I select influencers?
On what criteria can I select influencers?
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The selection and filtering of influencers participating in your campaign will be carried out on two levels:

1. Campaign targeting criteria (which will restrict the type of influencer who can view and apply to your campaigns):

  • Social media platforms.

  • Size of their community (selection of minimum and maximum followers on the selected social network).

  • Their interests: Beauty, Lifestyle, Family, Sports, etc.

  • Their age.

  • Location (Country or specific area around an address).

2. Influencer validation criteria (data provided to help you choose among applicants):

  • Engagement rate

  • Average percentage of compliance with the platform's brief.

  • QR (Quality Rating).

  • AQS (Audience Quality Score by HypeAuditor).

  • Influencer's audience: age, gender, location, interests, % of fake followers, etc.

  • Influencer's motivation.

  • Preview of the influencer's recent publications.

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