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How does the QR (Quality Rating) work?
How does the QR (Quality Rating) work?
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The QR, or Quality Rating, is an internal rating system within Influence4You that provides you with an additional indicator of an influencer's quality.

This rating, ranging from 0 to 4 stars, allows influencers who are highly regarded by our clients to be positioned at the top of the list when applying for campaigns.

The QR is based on the profile's acceptance rate, which helps determine if the profile tends to be approved for the campaigns they apply to. An influencer who produces high-quality content, has a good-quality audience, and applies to campaigns that align with their editorial style will likely have more stars than an influencer who is less strong in these three criteria.

Here's how the QR is calculated:

We review all of the influencer's campaigns. If we count at least one application for a micro-campaign, we calculate:

  • A gain in case of acceptance: gain = total acceptances ratio / total acceptances + refusals ratio

  • A loss in case of refusal: loss = total rejections ratio / total acceptances + refusals ratio

This provides a score for each influencer who has been accepted or rejected in at least one micro-campaign.

Please note that the QR calculation is based solely on applications, acceptances, and refusals and does not take into account the final result of participation in the campaign (posting and validation of the content). That's why it's important to consider this indicator alongside the AQS (Audience Quality Score) and the percentage of compliance with the brief.

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