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What are the most important criteria in selecting an influencer?
What are the most important criteria in selecting an influencer?
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Beyond the influencer's follower count, which is crucial for the organic reach your campaign can achieve, it's also essential to consider several other factors that will be even more decisive in choosing your influencers based on your goals and target audience.

Criteria related to your target audience:

  • Audience demographics

  • Age of the audience

  • Location of the audience (Country/City)

  • Audience interests

Create your ideal personas and select influencers whose audience closely matches them.

Criteria related to a brand awareness goal:

  • Average number of views/impressions

  • Percentage of credible followers

Having a large number of followers doesn't guarantee maximum visibility. Not all of an influencer's followers may be exposed to their content, whether it's because they haven't taken the initiative to view the influencer's content, the algorithm hasn't shown it to them, or because the follower follows many accounts and the influencer's content gets lost among thousands of others.

Criteria related to a brand image goal:

  • Brand mentions

In terms of brand image, we indicate via the "Brand Mentions" section if it's not risky for a brand to collaborate with this influencer. However, beyond this criterion, what's most important is to rely on your own sensibility and judge whether the quality of the influencer's content aligns with your brand's image.

Criteria related to an engagement goal:

  • Engagement rate

  • Average number of likes

  • Average number of comments

If your goal is to generate engagement within the influencer's community, it's essential to check whether the influencer's community is active in interacting with the content they produce.

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